Meet the Dogs!


We found Trevor as a young puppy, running along the side a busy road between two towns. He was taking shelter underneath an engine powered mobile phone mast absolutely covered in ticks and filthy.

His health otherwise was thankfully good and he has grown into a lovely big happy boy!


This short legged ball of happiness was found by a crossroads beside his friend who has unfortunately been killed by a car. As with all of these dogs we have no idea how long they have been there but he was a small puppy at the time.


Pico was found as a puppy wandering around Belgrade. A soon to be big and powerful dog, most likely put out due to lack of training. He had an injury on his head and needed attention quickly. He has grown to be a very well behaved and loving dog. Definitely in charge of his pack but loving with all the new rescues. He looks out for everyone and is Duško’s helper.


This sweet little guy was found wandering around a petrol station. Another abandoned male, hungry and scared


A little man with a big character! He is the sweetest most gentle boy and loves to play with his family in the garden. We found him wondering around the crossroads near to the sanctuary. Apparently a popular place to leave unwanted animals! He was in dire need of a bath but is otherwise in good health. His favourite things to do are cuddle and pose for pictures. Duško says he is ‘like cling film around people’ 😀

Krofna (Donut)

Krofna means Donut in Serbian 😀 He is a bouncy hilarious happy soul! Every morning he entertains the rest of the pack by having them chase him around their garden area and splashes them all with the water. He LOVES to play. Krofna was abandoned by the rail tracks not far from the sanctuary. A common place that dogs are left as there are rubbish bags around.


Found running across a road, sure to be eventually run over. Rusty is a traditional Serbian breed, very hardy and loving.


Can you believe this sweet little fluffy boy! He’s absolutely lovely. Also quite the miracle as he rescued himself! We heard his cries from beyond our fence and it became clear that he had made his little way over to us from the main road. There were no other puppies there when we went to investigate, he was left alone.


Hello little Shookey! A very clever little boy and very cuddly. He was handed in to us by a neighbour who found him by the road.


This young lady has been with us a long time. She was again found by the road and sees herself as the mum of all the pups. She looks out for them and likes to guard the sanctuary when it’s play time each day.


Jasper is a chirpy and energetic little chap. He was again found by the rail tracks to scavenge the rubbish bags for his food.


We found little Bella while nipping to the shops for yard supplies. She was wandering around a food outlet and no-one knew how she got there or how long she has been there. Such a shame but she’s healthy and really enjoying herself with her new friends.


SO TINY! This little sweetheart is adored by all his new family. He is very small but very brave and makes sure he gets dinner first 😀 All of the other dogs clearly love him.

He was brought to us in this box, abandoned again. he had a rocky start being so tiny but he is now much stronger and doing very well.


Poor Skye was found with an injured leg by the side of the road, very scared and so happy to be found. Our vet took great care of her and she has recovered very well.

She has a lovely temperament and is a stunning Serbian breed with the most beautiful thick silver coat.

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